The Cure for Combat PTSD is Prevention and Empathy


Post Traumatic Stress disorder is considered a mental disorder that affects people who have experienced something painful or unnerving. These experiences are usually scenarios that involve witnessing or causing death or destruction. For example, if a man signs up for military service and is spirited away to strange lands to kill strange people—he becomes a likely candidate for PTSD.…

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Tale of a Pharmaco-Zombie Child


When I was a youngster I was diagnosed with ADD. Educators said I could not pay attention. They said I often got lost in my own world. I would not read what they wanted. I read my own material, usually fantasy sagas and other unpopular works of fiction. They constantly had to discipline me and complain…

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The Anatomy of Warfare and Terrorism


Tribal Engineering Many people think Islamic Jihadists hate freedom. They are painted as barbarians who despise Western culture, that want to watch it burn, and who want to kill indiscriminately. There is truth to their hatred; but it is not a totally random and arbitrary hatred. That is an oversimplification. Their hatred is partly a product of tribal…

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Demons in the City of Love


A planned “terrorist” assault hit Paris with force. Over a hundred people were killed during the rampage. The perpetrators, according to news sources (mainstream and alternative), came in with AK-47’s and bombs strapped to their bodies. The worst part of the attack happened at a concert hall. That is where the majority of the causalities took place. The…

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How Anarchists can Communicate more Compassionately


Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.  -Rollo May, Existential Psychologist I want to emphasize the power of therapeutic and compassionate communication to anarchists. Both online and offline, we often rely on rhetoric lined with insults and hate instead of peaceful dialogue. Employing this language is not persuasive, but I am not suggesting that we should…

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An Open Letter to the Military Veterans


Dear brothers and sisters, I am writing to you on this Veterans Day not as foe but as friend. I am penning these words with a heart toward convincing you that any commands you obeyed and the services you rendered were a detriment to you, your brothers and sisters, and all the people of the world. It is not my intent…

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Anarchy is for Lovers


“Anarchy is all around us. Without it, our world would fall apart. All progress is due to it. All order extends from it. All blessed things that rise above the state of nature are owned to it. The human race thrives only because of the lack of control, not because of it. I’m saying that we need ever more absence of control to make…

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