Entrepreneurs, Discover Your Product-Market Fit and Win Big

One of the most important marketing factors entrepreneurs must consider is product-market fit. No matter how great your business acumen and execution is as an entrepreneur, “if the dogs don’t eat the dog food,” you will fail. Even if your team designs the perfect product, if there is no market for it, you will fail. If…

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Notes on Love and Closeness or (Relationship Art)

Love and closeness are the most precious values in my life. Without my darling wife, I would be adrift. Cecillia inspires me to attain lofty goals; and likewise, I encourage her to achieve greatness. We  allow ourselves to take risks and to create art together; to make our shared goals creative in nature. In this…

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Decent Parents Don’t Spank their Children for Disobedience

Intelligent and decent parents don’t hit or “discipline” their children for disobeying authority. They don’t justify the system by spanking their children. They recognize hitting is assault, but they recognize much more. These parents understand the system is broken; they know they can’t expect their children to merely fall in line. These parents want to…

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The Idea of War and its Sacralization

Doesn’t the idea of war invoke horror within? Doesn’t it cause the soul to ache; to crawl and wail? How does one come to the conclusion that warfare is natural? How does one find so many ways to condone it? It’s barbaric. The notion that one human should travel great distances to kill another human…

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The Anti-Authoritarian Architecture of Dance and Rave

Dancing invokes a heightened emotional state characterized by positive feelings and infectious enthusiasm. Rarely does the urge to hurt or threaten another human result from harmoniously moving, swaying, and stepping to the rhythm and thump of a beat. Dance will therefore always be loathed by those that dwell in the chambers of power. The elite…

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Ross Ulbricht’s Murder-For-Hire Charges were Fake News used to Assassinate his Character

Ross Ulbricht submitted a Petition of Certiorari to the US Supreme Court. It was denied on June 28. The petition was intended to highlight Constitutional violations perpetrated against Ross Ulbricht by the U.S. government. These violations included rampant corruption, fourth amendment trespasses, and blocked cross-examination by the judge. Several uncharged murder-for-hire allegations also tainted the courtroom…

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