Notes on Freedom Marketing: Embrace Empathy to Touch Hearts and Change Minds

Anarchists aren’t just philosophers. They are marketers. They are vying to make change in people and in society at large. That is marketing, and it requires more than just proselytizing ideas. It requires selling them, and this is no simple task. People want to buy; they want to embrace new considerations, but the anarchist must tell their stories with passion and love in order for people to buy their pleas for freedom.

If the anarchist just argues with people; slaps them around; makes them cry, and flexes their own ego, anarchism will fail to spread. Anarchists should work on their empathy, communication, public relations, and networking skills. The anarchist must be a master of human relations, because it is through empathy that anarchist culture spreads and grows.

Plant the seeds; nurture the ideas; speak peace; preach love, and embody what it means to peddle the anarchist dream. Then the liberty community will experience the nourishment of cultural reciprocation. Certainly some people respond to the coldness of raw argument, but most people respond to to the warmth of sheer connection.

Connection Marketing: “People Like Us, do Things Like This”

This goal of connecting is at the heart of marketing. Anarchists should understand that connection marketing is primarily their business. Anarchy is the business of selling ideas to people too afraid to entertain them. So instead of always seeking to break a lowly opponent through syllogistic argument, instead try to connect with a fellow human on a fundamental level.

These connections will build culture, and if the anarchist knows this, then the game is on. Seth Godin, a respected master of modern marketing, says that creating and spreading a culture is essential to skillful marketing. He said, “people like us, do things like this,” and if we demonstrate anarchic culture as a culture of love that embraces a variety of people, our philosophy becomes a showstopper, causing the masses to stop and gawk at it in awe.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the art of anarchist marketing. It’s what we do. Before we are philosophers, we are marketers. Anarchism is not like an obscure metaphysical doctrine — it’s a living, breathing idea; constantly evolving, constantly growing, and it is not to be left in the hands of armchair philosophers and academician dinosaurs. If we don’t allow the ideas surrounding anarchism to grow, then people will not see it as a viable idea for future generations to adopt, and the anarchists will continue to fail at their mission for generating mass adoption of the philosophy.

Be marketers first, and philosophers second.

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