Notes on Love and Closeness or (Relationship Art)

Love and closeness are the most precious values in my life. Without my darling wife, I would be adrift. Cecillia inspires me to attain lofty goals; and likewise, I encourage her to achieve greatness. We¬† allow ourselves to take risks and to create art together; to make our shared goals creative in nature. In this sense, we are both trying to build and transform things. We are not just tied to each other; we are wed to the idea of reveling in our emotional output. This is why having a strong bond uplifts and emboldens us; it’s why we are able to push forward with such positive conviction.

We both have dreams and aspirations. Our life is a compass, pointing always toward success and liberation. We don’t only want to be intimate lovers. That’s important to us, but we also believe in the indispensable nature of the human spirit—so we are constantly breathing life into each other; pushing boundaries; impelling the other to excel and evolve. It’s through our shared impetus to create and grow that we find tremendous value in our connection. It’s through this lens that we help transform each other, bystanders, and the world.

Relationship Art

Likewise, this invigorates our love life. It provides the groundwork for relationship art. This is a kind of art that recognizes the beauty of spontaneous order in relationships, and also acknowledges the power of shared love. It means we move through life dancing, laughing and singing. It’s a gay joyous exuberant anarchic existence.

It’s because of my love for Cecillia I am able to get up everyday and make things and live life to its fullest. She brings me an infinitude of pleasure; she stacks possibilities atop possibilities, and showers me with surprises. But these surprises aren’t just objects of great density, they are the beautiful details. A smile. A lock of hair. A caress. A side glance. An embrace—all surprises of a life in love; a life filled with immense wonder, pregnant with all the colors of the soul.

Life, indeed. It’s a journey of shared love and possibility, true. It’s also a pilgrimage of the heart. It requires lots of learning, healing, crying, and understanding. When you’re in love, and pressing forward in tandem, there will be sadness and pain. Love is imperfect by nature, and the human brain is rife with trauma. In this regard, Cecillia and I have quarrels. We fight. We fume and we tangle. But we always reconnect. We consistently return to our mutual trust; but more importantly, we remember our call to dance together. We recall our pact to enter into this a journey of metamorphoses, which hinges on respect for the art form. It’s an all out endeavor to create lovely things, and to love endlessly, without hesitation or regret.

You are my dream personified and given form, Cecillia. May we always grow together; be together; and share space in this reality of which so much is a beautiful mystery. And may others take inspiration from this life of love well lived.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.”

~Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


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