Reject the System and Awaken the Anarchist Within

How can people so easily fall prey to the two-party system? How can they believe they fit neatly within the confines of one party or the other. It’s tragic, because the current system implies all people think similarly, or at least fit into one of two tightly defined camps. It suggests they don’t have their own unique pearls of thought.

In this sense, political systems are prisons of the mind; matrices of control; barriers to introspection. They fetter the mind and keep the light of intelligence unlit. If people embrace the system, they likewise sacrifice a desire to become whole. Instead, they remain straitjacketed to the consensus trance. Their essence is sapped, and like a porcelain doll, they lack the qualities of emotion and vitality .

To wake up to anarchism, then, does not only denote a hunger for freedom. It denotes a willingness to craft ideas that are not predetermined by a ruling class or totalitarian agency. It means to have the audacity to exercise real creativity rather than spout the manufactured notions of the cultural engineers.

Waking up to anarchism is thus the wakening of the soul. It means a human truly came alive, because life within the context of the status quo is not life. It’s pseudo-life; life cannibalized; an empty husk scurrying about.  The people who embrace one party or the other shortchange their humanness, which is why they appear awake but snooze throughout the whole of their ephemeral existence.

Reject the two-party system — and all political systems — not only on the principle of freedom, but for the sake of your being; for the ownership over your dignity and decency. To embrace the protocol of the orthodox political church is to reject yourself as living, thinking, aching, loving, beautiful soul.

Come alive, I implore you.

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