Tale of an Orwellian Nightmare: The TSA Touched me and Fondled my Stuff

I finally returned from the Crypto Finance conference in Switzerland. I had the most intense, degrading, and unnecessary experience with the TSA.

When I arrived in Dallas, and went through customs, the TSA apprehended me at the security checkpoint and pulled me aside. They tagged me for an additional search either because they know who I am, or they think people in wheelchairs are extremely dangerous.

For a little backstory, I was in the wheelchair because I tore a bunch of ligaments in my ankle. I thought it was just a sprain, so I was walking on it. However, when I flew, it caused blood to clot in my foot…this made it swell and turn purple. I went to the hospital in Switzerland. They bandaged me up. Of course, the TSA didn’t care much about my injury or this story.

Sexual Assault and Harassment

They forced me out of the wheelchair, made me take off my cast boot, and go through their metal detector and porno scanner. Then they asked If I wanted to go to the private room for the full body search.

I said, “nah, you can feel me up right here in front of everyone.” Then they went to rubbing all over my body in the grossest way possible. He got to the part where he was about to touch my privates, and he said, “I am going to use the back of my hands to rub your buttocks and frontal area.”

After they finished molesting me, they meticulously went through my bags. They took out each item individually, fondled them unthinkingly, and swabbed them for bomb powder. They laid all my stuff on the desk in front of everyone. The woman looked through every item as if it were threatening. This took a long, long time.

At this point, I asked, “Are people in wheelchairs the most dangerous”? They ignored the question. I almost missed my flight. Lucky the guy wheeling me through the airport was fast.

Control and Fear

This story illustrates a couple of points:

1) The TSA is an organization of control and fear. It’s about keeping the individual subjugated. It’s not about stopping terrorists. If government wanted to stop terrorism they would quit being terrorists. They would stop bombing third world countries and manufacturing pissed off Arabs. Governments use people’s fear to gain more control over the population. This is why eagerly handed over more control after 911. They were afraid so they sacrificed their liberty for more government oversight.

2) There is no “government shutdown.” The TSA is still functioning without any setbacks. The government uses the lie of a “shutdown” to create what I just talked about: fear. When politicians talk about the government being shuttered, it makes people feel like they need it. It makes the peasant class feel like children who are about to lose their daddy. If the government were shutdown to any degree, we would not still be paying taxes and we wouldn’t have to worry about DEA agents kicking in our doors. A real government shutdown would mean all the politicians quit and got a real fucking job.

Moral of the Story

We need to do everything we can to stop cowering before government propaganda and fear-mongering. When the Leviathan reaches for power and few people resist, it gains that power and does not relinquish it easily. We should fight to abolish government in all its manifestations. That is the only way to create any sense of security. This is because government is the real terrorist threat.

Someone once told me George Orwell was a pie-eyed optimist when you analyze society today and compare it with 1984.

They were 100% accurate.

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