Relationalism Part 2: A Softer Aesthetic for Freedom


As I have attempted to demonstrate, anarchist groups have mostly been comprised of people uttering the same “logical” truths, in a kind of echo chamber. They are stuck on the economic, logical, and moral vectors. They have not considered tackling the issue of anarchism and combating statism from other angles. And my goal is to observe the situation from an emotional, dialogic, holistic, and visceral perspective.

Anarchy and Emotion: Toward a Softer Aesthetic for Freedom

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  1. […] Compassionate anarchists and voluntaryists have entered the fold and fight for a whole new epoch in the forward march of human evolution. The question remains: will you choose be on the right side of history, or will you cower before all things evil and antiquated? Anarchy is rising, with or without you. […]

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