How to Turn a Child into a Monster: The Cycle of Social Damnation

How to turn a child into a monster:

  • Step 1, child-rearing: destroy the child’s emotional circuitry through culturally accepted abuses, including spanking and coercing, which occurs throughout childhood, so the child only knows fear and resentment.

  • Step 2, education: funnel children through educational systems that elevate obedience and authority above learning, creativity, and individuality. Also, instill sense of tribal loyalty and altruistic nationalism. Mold the person into a good, upright citizen drone.
  • Step 3, workforce: now the children are ready to join the workforce where their money can be stolen via predatory tax regiments without a thought of its legitimacy, because they are totally subservient to the system.
  • Step 4, war: now that they are fully indoctrinated and emotionally detached, they can sign up to murder other human beings without a moral consideration or emotional impact. All of their subsequent education and upbringing prepared them for this duty. their lives now belongs wholly to the State and its machinery. Their soul is obliterated under the delusional pretense of fighting for freedom. Every country or tribe goes through similar motions, some with less freedom, but every murderous action is shrouded by cries of freedom, religion, a common enemy or other obsession. It is consensus psychopathy.
  • Step 5, mental anguish: if these tragic people return from war, their violent deeds and experiences may return in the form of “PTSD,” which is simply how murderous people deal with emotional and moral injuries. Metaphorically, it can be a form of punishment for aiding and abetting evil, and for committing violence. It is the price these poor souls have to suffer for relying on their toxic culture to teach them “decent values.”
  • Step 6, vicious cycle: if the individuals survive and havechildren, the acculturation and indoctrination should continue, perpetuating the cycle of social hell and damnation.

But we do not want to repeat this cycle. We see that it is vile and disgusting. The instruction manual must be burned.

We must work to change this culture and mentality, and I believe it starts with parenting. People must be gentler with their children. They should practice peaceful parenting. We should not have to see so much evil and destruction. We should not be training people for violence and hatred at a young age. Turning children into monsters makes no sense.

Time to break the cycle.


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  1. Blissfully Informed Hippie Chick on March 16, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    I believe it’s far more complex than this, but yes, we are all victims of our society. It’s absolutely possible to stand up and walk out of the cave at any point in one’s life, though. My husband and I were physically and emotionally abused as kids. My husband joined the Army at just 17 and spent 10 years therein. We began our parenting journey much the same as we were parented. Then my husband exited the Army, we experienced the living hell of PTSD. I got pregnant with our 3rd child and I started reading. My reading led me to unschooling, peaceful parenting, and a whole host of other new ideas. It has been a long few years, and we both still struggle with breaking the mental chains of our upbringing, but we have come a long way. It is a difficult road to walk, there is no doubt about that. Especially when one has already continued the cycle with the next generation. But it can be done!

    If anyone is in a similar position, please search for Recovering From Authoritarian Parenting on Facebook. I have created a page and a group for all who walk this path, whether you have children already or not. There is hope, and there is help.

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  3. cleanmo2016 on March 17, 2016 at 10:18 am

    LOL There are many more “extremists” ways to develop monsters.
    1) Teach [mostly by example] them an addictive lifestyle. Let them know alcohol is the most important “meal” of the day, everyday. Drugs, prescription or recreational also works. Make sure that they know that everything/everyone [even children] are secondary, or second rate.
    2) Discard your spouse. The “other” parent. Let the kiddies know full well of their unimportance as merely a gene donor. Prove to them the absence of love in a relationship is … better. Or if the other parent remains, let the kids know how little they matter.
    3) Encourage a life goal of making money. Always be gone, or “gone” even when home. Let children know their place in life is down on the list. Other goals coincide with this. Popularity, causes [like this or that “rights,”] politics. You get the picture.
    4) Keep them from any semblance of faith. Let them stew in “settled science,” indoctrination education, psycho-babble, and the ever popular “you’re no more special than dogs” when you live/die. When it’s over, who the hell cares. Your value in the scheme of Life is pond scum.
    5) Lastly, and the most egregious, teach them all about “self.” [When you find the time away from your self.] Self importance, self-centered, self worth, self destruction, self aware, self determined, … Let them know who’s the most important in life, and who’s not. Teach children to “look out for number one.” Don’t let them get all caught up in things like charity, responsibility, consequences, kindness, and sharing. Your “journey” is the only one worth taking. You only live once. Eat, drink, and be merry. All others be damned.

    “Arm them” [not unlike guns] with these gems and witness all the atrocities they can produce.

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