You and I: Discovering our Natural Opposition to Authority

Bear it aloft, O roaring flame!
Skyward aloft, where all may see.
Slaves of the World! Our cause is the same;
One is the immemorial shame;
One is the struggle, and in One name —
Manhood— we battle to set men free.
“Uncurse us the Land!” burn the words of the Dead,

~Voltairine de Cleyre


I am naturally opposed to authority; it is in my bones. But I did not always know. It was buried alive deep inside of me and I had to coax it out. It just took time and experience to expose this truth. But once I grasped it, I was forever changed. Now I do not see the world in the same hazy, drunken stupor. I no longer harbor the lemming mindset. If I come marching down streets, I come with my fist raised and head held high.

If someone tries to tell me how to live without my consent, they will have a bad time. If they try to command me to do as they wish, I will indulge the opposite. If they try to make me get down on bended-knee and genuflect, I will mock them. If they try—resistance they will meet.

I am sovereign.

I will fight against their dictatorial malice with every fiber of my being. I do not believe in the concept of a ruler, king, or president. I acknowledge self-responsibility and self-ownership. I believe standing on my own with pride and dignity is the only way to live. Catering to psychopaths who believe they have the right to tell everyone how to live and solve problems is not only degradation of rights, it is a an insult to the very spirit of humanity.

To bow to those who claim to be my master just for the sake of it means to sacrifice myself. It means to be something less than human, something pitiful and dead. There is nothing more lowly than thinking I have to be led around with noose and chain. I want to make my own decisions, choices, and have the opportunity to fail and succeed of my own volition. I am not afraid to trod through life’s difficulties and risk everything. That is the nature of being, and no one is truly existing if they are restricted by fetters. It is slavery. It is the icy negation of life: absolute zero.

I discovered this natural opposition to authority by examining the world around me, and experiencing the brutality of authority firsthand. Then I began to question the systems that perpetuate this nonsense, which caused a boiling rage to erupt within me. Now I wonder why I ever believed I had to follow. I wonder why I imagined someone had the right to rule and control me.

I just hope you can understand my anger, and see the control freaks who attempt to lord over us, in the hopes that you will join me.


I want to help you find your inner defiance. I want you to realize that you are not a creature of burden. You are a human being; you are alive. You radiate beauty and dignity. You are not the property of any president, council, oligarch, or board member. You possess your own soul with its unique characteristics. So why feel the need to obey psychopaths?

They make you believe that they guarantee safety and security, that they will protect you and make you happy. But government puts you in peril. It only provides the illusion of safety and security.

The politicians, cops, and kings soil your freedom and cause you to pull the sheets over your head at night. These people start wars, exploit the weak, tell you how to live, enslave everyone, and murder children in their cribs. Government is the absolute antithesis of freedom and safety—it is the betrayal of love and trust.

A memory may help you realize this truth. It may help spur an epiphany: recall your run-ins with political authority figures. Look back on the biased news stations; consider things from the standpoint of the old man shot in the back by cops. Consider the babies murdered overseas by drone strikes at the behest of politicians. Look deep into the souls of those innocent victims of the drug war, who smoked a plant and were entombed inside concrete-and-barred monasteries, filled with monsters and rapists.

Think about all the people fucked and tortured by authority. Peer into the oculus and return with a knowledge of democide. Know that government has been the largest perpetrator of injustice known to mankind.

Let sovereignty thus embrace you. You can see all the evils of the world. You know what must be done. Let the experiences of the evil done to you and others flow through you and change your thinking. Reject the fetters and shackles.

You and I are one.

We are in this together. I want you to be here with me, through this, in the maelstrom of suffering, this hell erected by human indifference. It is time to know that our humanity begs us to return to the beatific state of nature.

You are naturally free. You are opposed to slavery. You are against those who wish to hold you down and pin you to this life of servitude. Will you see reason as I did? Will you let bloom in you the yearning for a peaceful world? Will you spit in the face of those who command everyone to kneel and suffer and die before them? Will you let the spirit of your humanity rise from the ashes, rejuvenated and rekindled with love for truth and wisdom?

I say to do it. Join me. You and I are naturally opposed to government. We are kindred spirits in liberty. Do not wait. Do not fault. Embrace your knowledge and trust your heart.

Live free.


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  1. David Burns on January 29, 2016 at 5:49 am

    Thanks for speaking for poets.

    • peter on January 29, 2016 at 4:59 pm

      Yes this is me

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