Sterlin Lujan

Panarchy, crypto-futurism, relational governance



Topics ranging from extropianism, crypto-anarchism, relational governance, network states, and panarchism


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The freedom movement has taught countless people that human society does not need monarchs, politicians, bureaucrats, presidents, or government functionaries to operate. It has taught everyone that ideas should be accessible to the masses and that no one should have a monopoly on information. At its heart, this is what Dignity & Decency is about.

Dignity & Decency is about unleashing the courage to challenge the status quo. Dignity & Decency is about sedition and treason, but also about warmth and compassion.


I challenge the status quo by
promoting a panarchical society, where freedom flourishes by way of distributed governance and respect for the cosmopolitan nature of humanity. The promise of a better future hangs in the balance of how we organize our civilization within the context of expotential technological growth. 


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